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Hedging and Pruning 

Hedge Trimming is an important part of making sure your landscape looks its best. Regular hedge trimming helps to maintain the health, growth rate and shape of hedges. Regular hedge trimming will also help your shrubbery from growing too high or wide. 

Hedges should be trimmed at least once a year by professionals for safety sake as well as effectiveness, because it can be very dangerous and your hedges can be ruined if done wrong.

Ornamental Tree Pruning is probably one of the least understood and most daunting landscape maintenance practices for homeowners. Many homeowners aren’t sure what to do, how to do it or when to do it. Proper pruning of ornamental trees is essential for maintaining attractiveness and healthiness. Below are some key reasons to prune ornamental trees:

-Maintain Plant Health and Aesthetics. It also helps to maximize the aesthetic qualities and overall vigor of the tree.

-Control Growth. Pruning to control the overall size and density of the tree.

-Encourage Flower Production. Pruning to maximize flowering production. This stimulates the formation of flower buds.

-Rejuvenate Old or Overgrown Trees. This practice is particularly helpful for trees that have become overgrown, sparse, or leggy and helps to stimulate the formation of new, more productive, vigorous wood.

-Protect People and Property. This involves pruning of branches and limbs that are hazardous, weak, or rotted and represent potential hazards to people and property.


It’s important to make sure you find a great company with good reviews who offers skilled hedge trimming and Ornamental trees pruning services in Tallahassee, and Silverback Lawncare is knowledgeable and available for these service. We provide free on-site quotes.

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