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Leaf Cleanup 

If you’re looking for leaf clean up services, let us help. Spring and Fall are great times to have your yard cleaned up of from all the fallen leaves. With lots of leaves littering the ground, it's hard for your lawn to get much needed oxygen and water. The fallen leaves also deprives your lawn of nutrients needed to produce a health lawn. Not only do we offer Spring and Fall leaf cleanup, but we also offer Holiday, Special Occasion and One Time cleanups.

The leaf removal service we offer starts with us blowing leaves from flower beds, walkways, driveways curbs and patios into the lawn area. Then we use blowers, vacuum bagger mower, and hand rakes to collect all the leaves. Once all the leaves are collected, we offer a few disposal options listed below:


Natural Decomposition

We will dump the collected leaves in an inconspicuous location on your property and spread the mound of leaves out to ground level for natural decomposition.


Bagged and Curbed

We will bag the collected leaves in the appropriate bags and place them at your curb for local debris pickup by the city/county. (Additional Cost Apply)


Load and Dump

We will take the collected leaves off the property entirely and dispose of them at a county/state debris dump facility for proper disposal. (Additional Cost Apply)

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