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Lawn aeration plays a vital role in keeping your lawn healthy and thriving and that's were Silverback Lawncare comes in.

What is lawn aeration? Lawn aeration is when the soil in your lawn becomes to compact and it struggles to absorb water, oxygen and nutrients. Aeration is a major factor in achieving and maintaining a healthy lawn. 

With our lawn aeration equipment, it creates small 2 to 4 inch long holes throughout your lawn, making it easier for water, oxygen and nutrients to reach the roots, improving your lawn’s overall health. Even if you’ve never aerated your lawn before, now’s the time to start. We also recommend lawn aeration if your lawn has thin, bare or brown patches.


We suggest lawn aeration once a year to maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn and the best times too aerate is when it’s not extremely dry, or really wet, preferably late fall and early spring. This helps to prepare your lawn for the hot, rainy north Florida months.

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